What is Feeding Crane?

Part of the Chinese White Crane style of fighting, it is a ferocious combat art meant to stop the opponent within a few seconds. The focus is on bone breaks and targeting vulnerable points on the body, or disrupting the circulatory, neural, or respiratory systems.

Feeding Crane is an internal and external system.  Externally, Crane utilizes fluid speed movements within the body to produce the power of a whip lightning speed, accuracy and efficiency.  Crane style is preformed from a state of relaxation, and then within a split second, 100% power is utilized when executing a move, and then back to relaxation,

Feeding crane uses economical low kicks and extensive hand movements meant to imitate the wing and beak movements of the crane, and constant body contact when unleashing short range blows.

The internal power comes from a unique concept called Thunder Power, which reveals itself as a pronounced thud when a move is done correctly.

Masters of the Feeding Crane system will also have knowledge of traditional herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Feeding Crane is known in Chinese as shi he quan.

What Feeding Crane is not.

It’s not a sport.  There are no Feeding Crane tournaments.  Tournaments mean rules.  In a real fight, the only reward is getting home in one piece.  There are no points, no trophies, no colored belts.  The only rule is not to hurt your training partner.